Chappaqua Children’s Room for Friends – Books about Opposites & Preschool Stories

Dear Friends, The Chappaqua Children’s Room Librarians have created a Fall newsletter for Chappaqua Friends families!

This edition of the newsletter for our school includes book recommendations from the Librarians about Opposites and Preschool Stories.  A featured book for our families is the Opposite Zoo by Il Sung Na.  

To read the featured book with your child when you visit the Library, ask a Librarian in the Children’s Room for the copy they have put aside for Chappaqua Friends families behind the Librarians’ desk.  

My grandson and I enjoyed Opposite Zoo after we visited the Bronx Zoo this past summer.  The list of Preschool Stories introduced me to a new book – Little Naomi, Little Chick.  This beautifully written and illustrated book is great for now at the start of the school year, and we will definitely be reading it at school in the spring when our chicks hatch!

In addition to books, the Librarians offer a suggestion for software.  The Tech Bite recommendation is “Labo Pebble Art.”